Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fimm Fimm Fimming!

Yesterday I took Elijah "fimming", aka swimming, for the fist time this summer at Burdette Park. I had the afternoon off work and it was steamy hot, so Mom, Ragon, Elijah and I headed over to the pool after lunch. They have a wonderful baby pool/play area, with 5 little slides (one of which is a giant toucan who's beak is the slide), palm trees that spray water, and a sprinkler park for the little ones. My little guy had a blast!

At first he was a little apprehensive because he probably doesn't remember swimming last summer. But it only took him 2 minutes to warm up to the idea and start having fun. And by the time we left he was jumping, kicking, and splashing like a pro! Since the whole pool is shallow (it goes from 1' deep gradually up to 2' deep over the length of about 50 yards) he was able to walk around and check stuff out on his own. Of course I stayed close beside him because he was a little wobbly in the water and when he would take a face-dive he couldn't manage to stand back up by himself. Mom and I tried for a bit to re-teach him to go under and swim to us like we did last year in Destin (read about it here and here) , but we quickly saw that he needed to be a little more acclimated to the water before he goes further. He's already doing very well holding his breath and kicking though. I doubt it will take him long at all to learn to swim.

He watched Ragon and me go off the diving board while cheering us on "diving, Momma! diving! dump dump dump!" (dump = jump, by the way) Oh, you should have seen my amazing cannon ball! I'm so graceful! Ha ha! The two of us also went down the big slides - which I haven't been down since I was a teenager. I had forgotten how fast they go and nearly ended up tipping too far forward and hurling myself head-long. It could have been brutal, but I recovered, and went the rest of the way down squealing like a school girl! I'm sure the little tweens behind me were thinking "who the heck is that old lady and why is she screaming so much?". I don't even care. I had a great time!!

When it was time to leave I packed up our stuff and started lugging Elijah out, very much against his will, while listening to him chant "fimm fimm fimming..." all the way to the car. But once he was in dry clothes and strapped into his seat it took him all of 15 seconds to conk out. I guess fimming really makes a body tired. ;)

We had a terrific afternoon enjoying the water and even got a little suntanned. Elijah is already way darker than I am. Lucky boy got his daddy's genes! Best part is we have season family passes so hopefully this can be something we do often. I wish I had taken pictures, but we were having too much fun to worry with a camera. Maybe next time.

Also a quick shout out to my friend Courtney, who will hopefully have a baby boy in her arms by this time tomorrow!!

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