Monday, June 1, 2009

In Full Bloom

Beside my son, one of my favorite subjects to photograph is plantlife... flowers, leaves, berries, assorted vegitation... you get the idea. My parents' home, being a virtual national park in its flora, provides a wonderful array of colors and textures. I could not pass up the opportunity last weekend to snap a few shots of the blooms and such in their yard. Enjoy.

p.s. These shots are SOTC, straight out of the camera, as they say.


Rebecca said...

Hia, I've read a few pages of your blog and you're picture of Elijah especially are gorgeous. Would it be ok if I was to edit a few in Photoshop, maybe if you wanted, send them to you?

Email me a yes or no at

Thanks :) x

Jilli said...

BEAUTIFUL picures and plants! I'm so jealous - we have yet to plant anything this year!

Kristen McG said...

Beautiful! Especially that first one. :) Did you use the manual setting on the camera or did you just point and shoot? If I remember correctly, you said you use a Cannon PowerShot? Or was it a Sony Cybershot? Either way, I have both of those and want to know your secret! :) (I am saving up for a D-SLR though!!!)
How's that sweet baby boy of yours?