Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So last night I'm online, checking out some of my favorite blogs (like this one here for my fellow Twilight-aholics), and I call my dear husband into the office to see this totally hilarious video on youtube of two girls' reactions to the New Moon trailer.

(And secretly I'm screaming and fanning myself along with them in my head. Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh I cannot wait!! Aahh that kiss was amazing! Swoon, Edward is so strong... look how he fights with Jasper. Holy cow, did you just see Jacob with his shirt off? Aahhh! etc. etc.)

Ahem, anyway I was saying...

Oh yeah, so I call the husband in to see it because I think he will find it entertaining, and these days we struggle to have something we mutually find entertaining. And when he enters the room he sees...

this photo (I stole it from the above-mentioned blog)...

...which, for the record, was posted on her blog for the sole purpose of demonstrating Rob Pattinson's new and improved musculature and rebutting the sceptics who claim he had makeup help for those abs. Puh-leeeeease!

And suddenly the husband is furious! He's all "seriously, I was OK with a little bit of this Twilight obsession, but now you're in here looking at other guys with their shirts off..." and he huffs out.

And I'm all "It's not even my fault. It's Happy Hour Sue. Her blog. She did it! But it was just for scientific purposes.... honey, wait... come back."

Something tells me he would certainly not approve of this either.

Repeat after me: team Edward. team Edward.


grace said...

so I've never seen twilight. But I am a fan of that blogger. I follow her other blog.

McMommy said...

Dude. I TOTALLY blame Happy Hour Sue for EVERYTHING. She's a troublemaker, that Sue!! Love her!!! :)