Friday, April 3, 2015

Taste Buds

Something amazing has been happening with my little Ezekiel's eating habits. He's trying new things! And not by force either. He's just willingly saying yes when I ask if he'd like to try a bite of new flavors. This concept is so foreign to me (having Elijah - super texture weirdo - as my firstborn), that I sometimes have to ask him a second time just to be sure I heard correctly.
Lunch at Gerst Haus, about to devour a hamburger, with the bun!
This morning for breakfast he gobbled down a hard-boiled egg. (He only finished half the yolk, but who cares!) Last week he ate a ham sandwich. Granted, he did add chips to the sandwich, but still. Sunday after church he begged us for a hamburger. Now listen, he has NEVER eaten meat on bread before. The only sandwiches seen around our house are PB and Js and grilled cheese. So, I thought he just wanted the hamburger patty on the side. NOPE. He specifically asked the server to bring it to him "put together". And he devoured it! Followed by all his fries, half of my fries, half of Elijah's fries, and 3 glasses of sweet tea.

A few weeks ago, in a 2 day span, he ate (and liked) brussels sprouts, chicken and dumplings (which are a wet food, normally avoided like the plague) bean soup (also a wet food), grilled asparagus (he ate 3 helpings), lasagna (not a big fan), mushrooms, and homemade chicken noodle soup.

I'm excited for his new found food bravery! I think this means his taste buds are growing up. :)

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