Tuesday, March 24, 2015

13 weeks + a checkup

Yesterday the boys went with me for my OB appointment and we got to hear the little one's heartbeat for the first time. The excitement on their faces was so precious! It's so reassuring to hear that little swish-swish. Just helps me know things are going OK in there. The doc also said this little one is a real wiggler. He/she kicked and moved the whole time she was holding the doplar to my belly. I asked how she knew this and she said all the static we heard, like feedback on a microphone was little kicks, probably in protest to being shoved around and prodded. It's just the sweetest little noise.

The boys were well behaved at the appointment too. They sat quietly, drew in their notebooks, and played UNO together while we waited and were very chatty with all the ladies in the office. I love what good boys they are. Makes me proud, as if maybe I'm doing ok with them.

It will be 6 more weeks until we get to have the ultrasound to find our our baby's gender. That's such a long wait!!  We're so anxious to know so we can start planning and gathering up all our necessary baby things. (since I got rid of EVERYTHING)

In other health-related news, we (the doc & I) think  I have a kidney infection. Just going to do a week of antibiotics and should be fine.

Here's something really fun. I can feel the baby moving sometimes! Seriously! I know it sounds waaaay to early, but honestly I do feel it. Now that the Dr. showed me exactly where the baby is, I realize I've been feeling that little flutter for a few days. Mostly I feel it when my bladder is full and if something is putting pressure on my abdomen. Like if I push on it with my hand or if I'm bending forward and my belt is pushing on it. But I'm telling you - now that I'm not a rookie at being pregnant, I know what that sensation is. It's really wonderful.

On the way home I treated us to some happy hour slushes on this lovely warm afternoon.
It was a good day.

p.s. On a scale of 1 to I'm going to DIE, I'd say the nausea is no longer in the "I'm going to DIE" range, but now a more moderate 4-5 in the late afternoons and early evenings. I think I'm on my way past all this horrible sickness. I hope in the next 2 weeks I'm back to normal!!!!

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