Friday, April 10, 2015

15 weeks | pregnancy update

Without jinxing it by saying so, I think I'm finally over the throwing up! I have been nearly nausea free for a week, except for at the very end of the day, just before bedtime. I still get queasy around 8:30, but I think that's just my body's way of telling me to call it a day. I can't say that I feel all the way normal, but my energy is picking back up, and it sure helps not to puke every time I brush my teeth!! Maybe this all corresponds to the sunshine and warmer weather we've had this past 2 weeks too. I'm not sure, but I know I'm thankful as can be that the worst is behind me!

I'm feeling this little one move and wiggle a lot more frequently. It's still a faint, butterfly feeling, but it's an unmistakable sensation. Elijah is disappointed that he can't feel the baby move in my tummy yet, but that will come soon enough. He still tells me several times a day how happy he is and how he CAN'T WAIT for our baby to come! I love his enthusiasm! He looks at our pregnancy book and magazine (with real life photos taken in the womb - amazing, really) several times a week to check on the progress, sometimes daily.

Today we went to the zoo with my friend Courtney and her 2 little ones. Briley is almost 6 and Lexi just turned 2. Both my boys were all over Lexi! Saying, "Oh, she's SOOOO cute!" a hundred times. Elijah kept asking me if he could hold her. Haha! He's just so, so anxious to help take care of a baby. :)

Also, now that I'm feeling better, my nesting instinct is kicking in big time! I'm ready to get our house listed for sale! I just have to tackle this 1,000 projects that need to be done first. Wish me luck!

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