Tuesday, April 21, 2015

17 weeks | Pregnancy Update

Some weeks it seems like we just can't catch a break. When I thought I was finally over the pregnancy sickness, BAM, we all got hit with really bad colds. Like, the horrible kind where you can't get out of bed for a day. All of us had it, but I feel like mine was worse because I can't take my regular go-to cold medicines. So, that happened. And we were all feeling fine again... for about 4 days.

Last Saturday morning Zeke woke up in the wee hours of the morning, covered in puke. It was awesome. I know, every parent who has been through this lovely experience knows how fun it is. Especially when it happens in a bunk bed. (Because guess what, even though I love that they are in the same room now, CHANGING SHEETS ON THE BUNKBED IS THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!)

So, just about the time I got him out of his nasty PJs, cleaned up, changed the bed linens, and was trying to give him some pepto as he sat on my bed with me he threw up again. Only, why was I not prepared with a bucket or something???  Rookie mistake.  All I had to catch it with was my hands. (and the rest of my body and bed sheets) Manny was able to get a trashcan for us after a moment, but the majority of the damage had been done. Upon seeing (and smelling) me covered in the mess, my husband promptly went to the bathroom and got sick too. He's a contagious puker.

My poor sweet Zeke didn't eat or drink for the rest of that day and the next.  He slept on the couch for about 16 hours. It was so sad!

And then, Tuesday evening it hit me. It was horrific, that's all I'll say about it.

Wednesday evening it hit Elijah. Same thing. Then Friday was Manny's turn.
And so, I spent all of Saturday with the windows open disinfecting my house and washing all the bed linens. I hope we're over it now. But this has been a really rough 2 weeks for my family.

So, in the midst of all the sickness, I had an OB checkup on Thursday. Elijah was still sick so only Zeke got to go with me. We heard baby's heartbeat. I'm measuring on target. As expected, I lost about 4 pounds since my last visit because of the flu, I think. I was so dehydrated after being ill for several days, that I had a massive headache that day. Consequently, my blood pressure was really high. Since she wasn't sure if the headache was the cause or if that was just a coincidence, she told me to take my bp at home (my dad has a cuff), and call her Monday with the results.

I took a reading over the weekend and it was crazy high. I think 152/98. This was too close to the danger zone, so when I told the Dr. about it, she wanted me to come in right away. To be honest, I was slightly freaked out. I was thinking about preeclampsia, kidney failure, preterm labor... the works. 

So I had to go back in yesterday. We took my bp and it was in normal range with their cuff. (140/80) Then we checked it with my Dad's and it was sky high (152/100). After doing this several more times we determined that Dad's cuff is out of order and not to be trusted. In the end, my blood pressure was perfect, 122/78. Absolutely nothing to worry about. But I did mention to her that I'm still having that cramping feeling in my low back, almost like a kidney infection. But when they tested my urine, it was clean for infections. She said maybe the pain I'm feeling was a problem with the placenta, so an ultrasound was in order. But, thankfully, the ultrasound revealed that everything is healthy, where it belongs, and growing as it should. So, praise the Lord for that!!! What a huge relief. We still don't know what's causing the pain, but it's tolerable, and obviously not a problem. 

We also had the bonus of finding out the gender of our baby!!! I was so glad the boys came with me to see the ultrasound. They got to watch the screen, ask the tech a million questions about how things work, and see our little one move and wiggle. It was very exciting for all of us!

After much poking, jiggling, and coercion, the baby finally moved out of a curled up position so we could see the anatomy. And low and behold...

When she announced it Elijah actually started crying. He was so disappointed because he really had his heart set on a little sister. Zeke was happy, excited, and giggling. After we talked about it for a while Elijah started to come around too. He's happy about a brother now that he thinks about all the things they'll be able to do together, how they'll play, how he'll teach him everything he knows, and how there will be one more guy for the Father/Son campout some day. He even kisses my belly and talks sweetly to his little brother. :)

But still, when we ask him how he feels about it, he kind of deflates a bit. I know its going to take a while to get over the disappointment. 

We called Manny on the way back from the appointment and he was thrilled. He laughed and laughed. Elijah told Mom & Dad when we got to the office. They were happy, of course. Then I called my Grandma this morning and told her. She's sad for Elijah, but happy in general. That's how I felt too. I wanted Elijah to have a sister because he wanted one so badly. But I'm thankful for another son. I LOVE my two boys so much and I can only imagine how fun it will be to have a third. I just keep telling him, God is sovereign over who is in our family and He never makes mistakes. He decided for us to have a boy, and we are happy with that decision. 

And that's true. I really, really am happy.
Now, to start getting baby stuff in order.... since I GAVE ALL our things away. 

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