Monday, February 11, 2013


I don't think I've mentioned lately how thankful I am for my sweet husband.  His birthday might just be the perfect time. He's celebrating 35 years of life and I'm so glad he's part of mine. I am blessed to be his wife and our boys are blessed to have him as their daddy.

For his birthday celebration we all had lunch together at Cheddars after church (our family + Mom and Dad + Keith and Paula). Then Manny, Elijah, and I went bowling. It was Elijah's first time ever! We kept it a surprise from Manny, which Elijah loved. He was so adorable and excited to do something fun together. We had a wonderful time. I loved watching him try so hard to roll the ball, then celebrate when he knocked down even one pin. :) After the bowling we went to my mom's and had birthday cake. Good times. Happy birthday Manny. xoxox

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