Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Oh, terrible flu.

On Sunday afternoon, a week ago, my sweet little Zeke woke up from his nap with a high fever. He was lethargic, whimpering, and obviously felt like crap.  That night he threw up in his bed, but never cried, so I didn't know it until morning.  I was so upset for being such a neglectful mom - not even knowing that my little one was sleeping in a puddle of his own vomit all night - waking up sticky and covered in it. Poor baby!  That evening at supper he did it again - all down the front of Manny - at the dinner table. (fun for everyone!)
Two days later Manny had the same symptoms. Minus the throwing up, lucky him.
Two days after that I felt fine on my way to morning Bible Study, then on the way home it hit me like a truck.  And by the time I walked in the door at home, it was all I could do to stand.  Thankfully, it was naptime for Zeke and Elijah was willing to watch cartoons all afternoon next to my bed while I shivered and ached and wondered if I would surely die.  Bless my sweet Elijah's heart, he took such good care of me. He went out to the car and got a bottle of Advil, brought it back to me with a drink of water, and kept checking on me, gently touching my cheeks and saying "I love you, Mom.".  What a comfort he was to me. Precious boy.
Sadly, Elijah came down with it worse than any of us in the middle of the night that night.
I changed the bed linens 3 times - until there were no more clean sheets or pillows to use. Poor buddy tried so hard to make it to the bucket in time, but missed (Boy, did he miss!). He ended up sleeping on top of towels and using a tiny baby blanket to cover. The fever was so high the next day that I thought something might be terribly wrong when he was talking nonsense, looking "through" me with glazed over eyes, and couldn't hold his cup.  It turns out he was only talking in his sleep, but he gave his Mommy a good scare.
{This stuff was a life-saver!}
Thankfully, the bug is gone now and we're all feeling back to almost normal. It's strange how weak I am now after missing 2 weeks at the gym.
On the bright side, every bed linen we own has now been laundered, so Spring cleaning is well underway.

Speaking of Spring... come on with it! I'm SICK of this relentless cold and dreary snow.

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