Friday, August 17, 2012

Great-Grandma's House

I have probably said this a zillion times, but my Grandma's house is one of my favorites places on earth. It always has been. I am beyond thankful that she now lives only 20 minutes away (in stead of 12 hours!) and we can visit any time. So as often as possible, the boys and I go over and spend a few hours - or an afternoon. We visit on the swing and catch up on life while the boys play outside and do little projects. Sometimes they dig in the dirt, other times they climb the dogwood tree, but exploring in the tool shed in their favorite thing to do there!  When we go over, the first thing they do is ask Grandpa John for an orange - cut up and salted.  Then they head straight to the back yard and throw open the shed doors in search of some hidden treasure. Mostly they play with rakes, diggers, an old piece of garden hose, a bicycle tire pump, a garden cart, and a little hammer which they use to drive nails into an old piece of wood. Sometimes they get out the red tricycle and ride it around while pulling the garden cart behind.  I just love the fact that my boys are able to grow up knowing my Grandma and are making these memories with her.  When they grow up, I know they'll be glad for it too.

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