Sunday, August 12, 2012

Campout Under the Stars

For nearly a year Elijah has worked collecting and cashing in cans, doing odd chores, selling produce from his garden, and saving birthday and Christmas money for one single goal - to get a trampoline. And even though he was about $40 short of his prize, for his birthday I surprised him with one. While he was on his train ride extravaganza yesterday with my parents (and Little Duck) to the Kentucky Railway Museum, Manny and I put it together and had it waiting in the driveway when he got home. What a fun surprise!  He squealed and ran in circles. Then, of course, he jumped and jumped.

And because it was a gorgeous night, we decided to properly christen the new trampoline by having a camp out on it, just Elijah and me.  First we practiced a little flashlight art. Then we jumped together. Then we got all our bed stuff out and set up. Then we layed and looked at the stars for as long as he could keep his droopy eyes open. There was an amazing meteorite shower, which was even more visible because of the new moon. He wanted so badly to see a meteorite, but couldn't stay awake for one. I saw plenty. And I tried my hand at some star photography. We woke up soaking wet from dew, but it was a fun and special time for my sweet boy and me.

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