Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Make A Splash

 Monkey see, Monkey do. My 2-year-old has NO FEAR. Not of the pool or anything else. And especially not when he sees his big brother do something. Elijah learned how to swim with no float earlier this summer so now Zeke thinks he's just as big and bad. He runs and jumps into the water, holds his breath to go under, kicks, splashes, and really gets around. Their nightly ritual after we eat supper is to take turns (or maybe not take turns) running and jumping off the side of the pool shouting things like "cannonbaaaaalllll", and such while doing various "tricks" and begging us to watch them for the dozenth time.  It's a great way to beat this crazy heat and it wears them out really nicely for bedtime. :)

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