Friday, August 10, 2012

Quiet Morning Play

I feel like I don't have time with my sweet Zeke like I had with Elijah.  For obvious reasons.  I'm busier, have two little people needing my attention, and my work schedule is different now. I rarely have quiet mornings at home with my boys. And it's even more rare for me to have quiet moments alone with just Ezekiel. Today we stole away to his room for a few minutes just after he woke up to play cars and read books. He is the sweetest boy and plays so well by himself that I forget sometimes how much he loves for me to play with him. I hate that as the second child, he is so often overlooked. I need to make a conscious effort to spend alone-time with him every day too.  He's growing up so quickly, I'm missing these tiny, important moments that will soon be gone.

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