Friday, October 21, 2011

That's what he said: Teeth, God, and Prayers

Discussing with Elijah the importance of brushing one's teeth:
E: "But Mom, maybe just not tonight?"
Me: "No Elijah, we all have to brush our teeth every day, and it will only take a minute."
E: "Everyone?"
Me: "Yes."
E: "Well, does God have to brush His teeth?"
Me: "No. God doesn't have teeth."
E: "WHAT? He doesn't?????" (scandalized!)
Me: "Nope, He doesn't have a body, so he doesn't have teeth. God is Spirit."
E: "Yeah! Like when I die, God will take my spirit away to Heaven. That's what Mrs. Godshall said."
Me: "Yes, you do have a spirit. And if you trust in Jesus that's the part of you that will live on in Heaven after your body dies."
E: "Yeah and if God doesn't need to brush His teeth then maybe I don't have to."

During our morning drive to drop the boys at my Mom's house:
E: "Mom, will you pray for me?"
Me: "Sure honey." (we pray...)
E: "Amen.... um, but Mom?"
Me: "huh?"
E: "You forgot to pray for me to go to school."
Me: "Oh, ok." (we pray for him to have a good day at school, etc.)
E: "Amen! Yep. That ought'a get it!"

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