Friday, October 21, 2011

One Little Monkey

On Saturday my Ezekiel was helping me fold laundry on my bed. Somehow when I had my head turned, he threw his body onto the pillows which catapulted him off the other side of the bed. I didn't see him land but I knew it was bad because it took him a good 20 seconds to start crying. By the time I made it over to him he was laying on his side not moving. It was terrifying! I couldn't tell if any body parts were broken. Nothing looked strange, swollen, red, bloody, or dislocated. But he cried for the remainder of the day, and most of the night.

After the initial hysteria wore off and the Advil took effect, I was able to get a better look. He was able to move his limbs, but he really didn't want me to touch his legs. Changing his diaper and lifting his legs to wipe him caused an all-out wail. He also stopped putting weight on his feet altogether. Where he had been walking the day before, he wouldn't even try to stand or even crawl.

So Sunday morning, after getting my friend's opinion that we needed to have a doctor check him, I decided a trip to the ER for x-rays was in order. So much fun! We were there over 3 hours and in the end they never found the cause for his pain. Thankfully the x-rays showed no broken bones. It's possible that when he landed he could have jammed or bruised his hip, twisted or pulled something in his knee, or hyper-extended his leg. Either way, whatever hurt him wasn't visible to the doctor.

I guess for Zeke's first trip to the ER he got away with a very easy diagnosis. It wasn't my favorite way to spend half of our Sunday, but I'm just glad he's not seriously injured. And I'll not be allowing him on the bed to help me with laundry any more!

p.s. He seems to be fine now. But he hasn't gone back to fully walking yet. A little gun-shy perhaps?

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