Thursday, October 20, 2011

T E E T H I N G - S T I N K S !

I show you this photo, not as evidence that I'm the type of mother who will pick up the camera when her baby is wailing rather than pick up the baby himself. But I would like you to take a look at that bottom row of teeth.

Those wicked, wicked teeth! Since the first of October my poor child has gone from having 4 to 7 on the bottom. And that's not counting the other molar that just peeked out on the bottom right side.

And I think, but don't hold me to this, that he cut 2 on the top. It might be 3, but he never lets me look long enough to count. So by my calculations, less than 3 weeks ago he had 8 teeth. Today he has 14 (or maybe 15). This explains a lot of the above-pictured crankiness we've been enduring these past weeks. I'm just hoping, for all of our sakes, that it's over soon.

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