Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I was gonna...

Oh man. I had planned on buying PS Elements to do a little photo editing. I've been saving my pennies and have enough to get it now. But last night I downloaded the free trial just to see what I think. And I'm not loving it. Maybe I just don't know the features yet, but I find it slow. And there are only a few things that I can't already do on the software that came with my camera. Right, I know. I'm showing my lack of experience by saying that. I just am not a big fan of post-production. I would rather be able to take a good photo straight out of the camera and let it speak for itself. Yeah, there is a time for changing white balance, contrast, doing a little crop here or there, maybe brightening faces or sometimes noise reduction. But should I be doing more? I have a feeling the answer is yes. If I learn to edit my images I would probably be happier with the final product. But you know what... I don't sell my images (at this point in my life), I sell my time. So I'm not super concerned about tweaking them. It's time-consuming and I don't have much of that to spare. On the contrary, I can't be distributing photos that I'm not proud of. A person's work builds the reputation.

What to do? I need advise. Lightroom or Elements? Or ACR? Or... what the heck is the difference anyway?

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