Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy!

I may have been motion sick for 5 hours on Saturday, but it was totally worth riding in the back seat of my parents car, then on a rickety-rockety-train up and down and swerving around hills and valleys. Because my son was OUT OF HIS MIND thrilled beyond comprehension with our outing!

We took a day-trip with my parents to French Lick, Ind. to ride the "old fashioned steam train" as he called it. I cannot even begin to describe the enthusiasm with which Elijah approached the day. He spun out of his bed before the sun was up and practically tripped over his feet down the stairs and out the door to leave. He was literally bouncing. Standing in my parents' kitchen waiting for it to be time to leave, he jiggled and danced, and spun like a top. He raced around and around the house, shouting, and chattering without ceasing.

It was without a doubt the best day of his 4 year old existence! After the train ride we got to check out an assortment of freight cars, engines, and cabooses. (one of which he fell off and hit his back on the stairs pretty hard, but he was okay)

Zekers had a great time too. On the ride back he conked out in my arms.
But not before he stuck his nose to the glass a few times.
What a day! We had so much fun!

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