Friday, September 16, 2011

Thing One

Elijah was reprimanded in the car for talking back to Manny. He was very repentant and sorry. He became quite for a minute, then perked up with this:

"Oh! I know! I have a great idea. Let's just try to start over. All you need is a super duper helper camera. And you take it up to space. And then. Then you push this button on it and it makes the earth go back and start today over again."

I can see how he would see this as a perfect solution for his problem. Go back, get a do-over, and next time don't talk back. It's genius.
He's a spelling maniac lately. His favorite words today are: tree, train, truck, green, red, blue, yellow, go, stop, hop, all, and bee.
Over the past week I've seen a real improvement in his ability to write and draw "freehand" without tracing. Before he would always tell me he didn't want to try to write his name because he would mess up and he didn't want to do it if he couldn't do it right. Seriously. A perfectionist at age 4. But his PreK teacher has been working with him and he now writes all the letters of his name very well. He also is GREAT at drawing triangles, circles, squares, staying in the lines (completely) when coloring or painting, and cutting on the line. School is doing him some good.
Yesterday we had this conversation in the car:
"Mom, where is Heaven?
"Well, I supposed its in another dimension that we can't see with our eyes until we get there. Why were you thinking about Heaven?"
"Oh, because I was thinking about God. And that He lives there."...
"What made you think about God?"...
"I don't know. That's just the way life is. Sometimes I just think about God."
Then last night I heard: "Look! I got 3 yellow squares in a row on this aerobics cube!" (Rubik cube) I tell you what, if he works that Rubik cube, I don't care what it costs, I'm putting him in a special school!

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