Monday, September 19, 2011

Thing Two

Ezekiel is alllllmost walking. He's taken a few steps on several occasions with the right motivation. And this afternoon he took what I'd consider his first real steps - 4 in a row. But he hasn't gone running off across a room quite yet. I'd give him another 2 days and he'll be unstoppable.

I'm seeing in him some of the strange tendencies that Elijah has. I'm unsure if these are learned or just happened upon him by nature. For instance, he wants any cars or trains he plays with to be lined up end to end with one another.

He prefers toys and objects in order. And I am not kidding when I tell you this: after dumping out a box of dominoes, he put every single one of them back in the box where it belonged.

I think he's about to hit a big growth spurt. He's eating like a madman! Yesterday he ate 2 bowls of chili, some crackers, a handful of grapes, and a roll for lunch. Then today for lunch he had a piece of fried chicken, a bowl of pasta salad, and a can of tuna salad. Not only is he eating in mass quantities, but he's eating strange stuff for a baby. Who ever heard of a 1-year-old LOVING chili and tuna salad? Weirdo.

And of course, if you put popcorn within a 10 foot radius of him, its in his mouth in no time flat. [See evidence below.]

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