Monday, May 16, 2011

What's up around here.

Yesterday Ezekiel figured out how to pull up on furniture. Oh yay.

The boys spent the last half-hour of their day before bedtime chasing each other around in circles. It was hilarious to watch. They giggled their faces off. I love that they can interact so much more now.

My parents are building an in-ground pool, which will hopefully be finished by mid-June! We are all pretty much over-the-moon excited about it! Elijah keeps asking if today is the day the excavator comes.

Manny started physical therapy for his hand/wrist. {Please, please, please let it work.} I need him back up and running.

I borrowed some Kindergarten home school materials from my friend at church.... reading, spelling, and math. Elijah and I are going to start it in the next few days and work on it at our leisure this Summer so he has a head-start for Preschool this Fall.

I like the face6ook cut-back I've been implementing. It feels good.

Oh yeah, and my boys are enjoying their Grandma's pond very much this year. :) Elijah has to often remind Ezekiel not to "Eat the allergy".

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