Thursday, May 12, 2011

dirty, sweaty, hungry, & sunburned

Playdates are Elijah's favorite! Especially when I only inform him of them when we are en route. I do this to preserve my own sanity and avoid the inevitable fifty-bagillion questions which will follow.

Where are we going? How long until we get there? How do you know where to find my friends? Who else is going to be there? Does this park have a slide? Does this park have sand, or dirt, or rocks, or wood chips? If it has rocks, can I dig in them? How many kids will be there? How much longer until we get there? Can I run over to the swings without you? Do they have a water fountain? Do they have any diggers? Is my friend going to play with me? Do they have a bridge? How do you know they way to the park? Am I going to keep my shoes on? How much longer until we get there? Are we there yet? Can I get out now?

So yesterday I waited until we were on the way to inform him we would be meeting my friend Courtney and her little boy at the park. After they played and Zeke sat in the swing for a while we took them to Toddler Tales in the nature center. They had a game, stories, and a craft learning about bees and honey. Of course my son knew everything. Mister know-it-all. {I have a feeling he's going to make the other kids mad in school.}

We finished it off with a hike through the woods and down to a murky turtle pond where Elijah threw sticks into the water and tried to take his shoes off. Zeke fell asleep during the walk back to the car. It was a long walk. Also, it was steamy and typical of Evansville humid Summer weather. Not that I'm complaining one bit. I'll take this over cold any time.

Then it was off for our picnic lunch at Sonic.
And that's the end. I love days like this when I get to enjoy my sons and our friends. And at the end of the day we're all dirty, sweaty, hungry, and sunburned. Hooray!

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