Sunday, May 1, 2011


You know, I love this kid!
He's been up to so much lately, since I've talked about him last. Here are a few of his recent jewels.

At dinner we were eating corn. Elijah asked how the kernels get off the cob. I told him they probably have a special machine. He asked what the machine is called. I said it's called a corn-cobber (totally pulled that out of thin air). Then he looked at me in disbelief and said "Actually Mom, it's called a combine." As in, duh Mom. Even I know that.

I swear, he says the word "actually" to me so often it's about to become his nickname.

Elijah Actually Gutierrez.
My cousin's daughter, Emmi, had her 1st birthday party last weekend. Naturally we had torrential rain at the exact time I needed to load the boys, the gift, and all our junk into the car (by myself; my husband works weekends). After making seventy-billion trips from the house to the car, getting completely soaked, ruining my normally gorgeous hair-do (ha), and simultaneously working up a nice sweat I plopped my drenched body into my seat and heaved a huge sigh. I just sat there for a minute before starting the car, trying to recover my sanity. Elijah picked up on the frustration and said from the back seat "Thank you Lord for this rain. And thank you Lord for Emmi. Amen."
Last week I was getting the boys out of the car and hit my knee so hard I needed to sit down for a second to recover. I hobbled over to the steps to catch my breath. My sweet Elijah came over, sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and said sweetly "Dear Jesus, please take care of my Mommy. No matter what. Amen."
We've been having races up and down the driveway at my Mom's house recently. For some reason he just discovered that his shadow follows him everywhere. So he's started racing his shadow. It's usually a tie. Go figure.

What did the cat say when someone stepped on his tail?

Why did the banana go to the doctor?
He wasn't peeling well.

What did the Mommy bird say to the baby bird when he went into the nest?
Wipe your tweet!
And for good measure, here he is with my Dad on the good ol' John Deere.

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