Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chance To Hope 5K

My good friend Courtney started a foundation last year called Chance to Hope. The goal of which is to raise awareness and support for married couples who are going through infertility and are trying to start families, either by treatment or adoption. She herself experienced loss and battles infertility, but now has a beautiful little (almost 2 year old) boy!

{Courtney's CUTE son}

Yesterday was Chance to Hope's first annual 5k and family walk fund-raiser. We were thrilled with the turn out and support from the community!

God even gave us a perfect day of sunshine and warmth, in the middle of weeks and weeks of rain! How nice of Him!

{the sunrise out my car window}

I'm so proud of my friend and the hard work she's been doing. She didn't even freak out when the news guy asked her to do an on-camera interview! She's a rock star!

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Courtney said...

Thank you for all your help and support! You are a great encourager and cheerleader:-)