Saturday, April 30, 2011

Another Tooth

Ezekiel cut his third tooth a couple of days ago. We're so relieved because teething this time around sort of kicked everyone's butt. (I can say butt on my blog, but not in real life because of my son, Elijah is a member of the "bad word police force".

As in, "Mooooom. You're not asposed to say butt."

But about the tooth... it's weird. He got the top left one on the side (in stead of in the middle). I've heard that if babies in some parts of Tanzania cut their teeth in the "wrong" order they are killed, their parents thinking they are possessed by evil spirits. I bet Ezekiel is thankful he's not a Tanzanian baby.

And no, there aren't any photos of the new tooth due to the fact that Zeke can't understand why I keep trying to pull his top lip up over his gums, consequently he keeps screaming when I do.

Correction, Ezekiel got 2 new teeth at once. They are both top, left, outside ones.

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