Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Festival 2010 : Let's begin with a yellow balloon

FOR ONE WEEK EACH OCTOBER Franklin Street is home to Evansville's West Side Nut Club fall festival. It looks like this from the window in front of my desk.

Each year my aunt Paula, uncle Keith and second-cousin Gracie make the 12 hour drive from Texas up to visit us for the week. We do wonderful autumnal things like picking apples, making dumplings, and of course stuffing our faces with deep-fried everything from the festival!

This is the first year Elijah and Gracie have really been able to enjoy playing together. I'm excited for them because I remember how much I loved my cousins at his age. And I want him to experience that too.

On Sunday the festival had "Family Day" where they opened the kiddie rides.

We went down to check it out. They were giving away balloons. Elijah about flipped when he saw he could have a yellow one. (his favorite color)

Gracie discovered she could rub the balloon on her hair and make it stand on end.

She loved her balloons too.

At some point in the afternoon Elijah's balloon flew away. He shed several tears, but was consoled by his Grandma, who got him another one and made him "fly high in the sky" over and over... and over.

There was plenty of "people watching" from our office window too. You would not believe the crazy things I saw. Or maybe you would.

Then Elijah and Gracie got to see a REAL firetruck!

It was awesome!

A fireman even let them climb inside and check out all the gear! My son was in heaven!

Elijah, Ezekiel and I stopped for a minute to pose for a photo in our traditional Fall Festival Photo spot; in front of the lost and found booth. (I have pictures of Elijah and myself in this spot each year since he was a baby - except last year because I was sick.)

When the fun was over, we went home - yellow balloon in tow.

And took a walk around the neighborhood to check out the changing fall leaves.

He didn't take it off his wrist until he was in bed... and only then because Manny made him, citing the dangers of sleeping with a ribbon around his wrist. Naturally he cried the next morning when he discovered that the yellow balloon no longer floated. Heartbreak.

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