Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who doesn't love a bullited list?

THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS I'd like to mention since I've missed so much over the past 2 weeks.

1) The fall festival happened. I ate a lot of fried food. My aunt and uncle visited from TX. It was a lovely time. Elijah and Gracie are new best friends forever.

2) Ezekiel turned 3 months old over the weekend. How has this happened? My squeaky, wrinkled infant is morphing into a regular baby right in front of my eyes.

3) The weekend before last we had our fall family photos taken. We didn't get a ton of great ones, but there were a few I liked. It's hard when you have two little ones. At least we got a decent one to use for our Christmas card. I'll post some soon.

4) I finally threw caution to the wind, put my camera in Manual, and just started snapping away. The more I practice with it, the better they get. And so far I'm super happy with the results. It's exciting to just go for it! (What took me so long?)

5) Elijah is probably the funniest kid I've ever known. He thinks funny thoughts and amazes me with how observant he is. I'm going to tell you now about some of the stuff he's said recently that made me laugh.

- For the first time in a long time Manny didn't have to work this Sunday. As we were all getting ready for church Manny said to Elijah, "Hey buddy, guess what. I get to go to church with you today." to which Elijah replied, "Oh no Dad, you can't. You have to work on Sundays."

- In the car on the way, Elijah was chanting to himself (not at all uncommon): "Mama Mia... Mama Mia... Mama Mia... Hey Mom, what does Mama Mia mean?"
Me: "Well, it's Italian for 'my mother'."
Elijah: "Oh. Like Grandma Debby or something?" (Because he knows she is my mother. See?)

- Later on that same drive to church. Elijah: "Mom, Grandpa Dan told me 'hey dude' yesterday. What's 'dude' mean?"
Me: "It's like calling someone 'guy'."
Elijah: "Yeah, like Guy Fieri on TV."

- Even later on that same drive to church. "Hey guys. Look at all the trees! They are so colorful and vivid!"

- While watching me get ready for work one morning: "Mom, you need some product in your hair."

- The other day he told his first joke. "What has 4 wheels and flys?"... "A garbage truck!" Ha ha!

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