Wednesday, July 14, 2010

settling in

We're settling in nicely with Ezekiel. For the time being I'm staying at my Mom's house since I need help with Elijah during the day. I know, I'm spoiled, right? It's just easier for us to be here than for her to come stay with us.

Manny has been wonderful. Such a good daddy to his boys. I so much appreciate his help with Elijah - picking up the slack where I can't do what I normally would. Plus he's cleaned house, done laundry and the shopping for me without my even having to ask! I'm so thankful for him.

I think the hormones are starting to settle down a bit now. I'm not quite as emotional, but still more than normal.

Nursing is going well. For several days I've been VERY sore. Blistered and bleeding sore. But the milk has come in now so Zeke doesn't have to give it so much gumption to get his meals. This makes for a much more comfortable Mommy. Speaking of milk coming in... at the risk of sharing too much information... the "ladies" are HUGE. I mean melon size guys! I'm not even kidding. You've never seen the likes of me aside from someone in an adult film. (Which, by the way, I've never seen. But I've heard, you know?) But these are all me and boy do they hurt. I'm looking forward to getting the supply leveled out so they go back to a manageable size.

As for the other recovery, I feel good. My abdominal muscles are sore. So is my lower back. But everything else is healing perfectly. I hope to be back up and more active in a day or two. I can't stand sitting around so much.

I'm getting some sleep - thanks mostly to my mom's help and Zeke's feeding "schedule". He has been eating twice at night. Once around 1 am, then around 4 am. After that he gives me a good 5-6 hour stretch to rest. We're not actually working on the babywise schedule yet, this is just the way things are working out. I just know I'm happy to sleep for any length of time longer than 2 hours. So this morning when I had to wake him at 10:30 am I was elated! (SORE, but elated.)

So that's the scoop. I'm loving this babymoon phase and trying to enjoy it while it lasts because I know how quickly the time will go. I'm just in love with Ezekiel. And having him makes me fall in love with my Elijah all over again. I sure am blessed to have all my guys in my life.

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