Sunday, July 11, 2010

dang hormones

I feel weepy.
I miss my Elijah and I'm tired of being in this hospital room.
I feel alone and I don't like it.
I guess second babies just aren't a very big deal because it seems like other than my parents & grandparents (and aside from on the internet) no one cares. I have a hunch I'm being overly emotional, which probably has something to do with hormones. It's silly of me, obviously. But I suppose I had hoped that something so life-altering as giving birth to an actual human being would be a important to other people too. At least my mother-in-law has called to check on us.
That's all for now.

On a positive note, I think Elijah is warming up to his brother now.

I'm going to post more photos when I have a better internet connection.

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Jilli said...

Oh hon!!! If I was there I'd come see you!!!