Friday, July 16, 2010

fleas? and other stuff

We're still staying at my mom's due to a flea infestation we seem to have developed in our house over the past week. WHAT??
I mean, seriously? Anyway, Manny is setting off bombs which means we'll have to be away from home for a few more days. I'm ready to sleep in my own bed again. It's been over a week now.

To top off the craziness, my dad is back in the hospital. He was vomiting for more than a day and couldn't even keep water down. So this will be his second night there. Doctors are running tests but nothing is conclusive at this point. He's in agony. He told my mom that if the good Lord takes him home tonight he'd be grateful. My poor dad. How much can one body take? I'm praying something improves soon because he's miserable.

Last night Ezekiel slept for a good 6 hour stretch!! I was so grateful for the rest that I almost didn't mind waking up with a wet tank top and boobs that were about to explode. :) He's doing so well. I'm just falling in love with him more by the minute.

So, why don't you enjoy a photo or two?


We're a family of FOUR~ :)

I can't believe he's a week old already!

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Kristen McG said...

what a beautiful family of four you are!
That yawning picture... melt my heart!!