Thursday, July 1, 2010

39 WEEKS!!!!!! Check-up & Belly shot

Just as we all suspected - I got a big fat NOTHING in the progress report from Dr. B. today. I'm not surprised, but slightly disappointed. She said with a great deal of confidence "I'll see you next week, and my partner will see you the week after that. So how long over do you want us to let you go?"

Still, I'm doing fine and baby is doing fine so we need to be counting our blessings.

Turns out that Dr. B. is leaving for a week-long family vacation the day after my due date. And since I have a strong sense that this little guy won't be arriving before his due date, that leaves a good likelihood that I'll go into labor either when she's gone or after she returns (which would put me at 10+ days past "due"). I'm kind of let down that she may not be here when I deliver. You know, you just get used to the idea of your own Dr. being there. Plus she knows my birth plan and has been very supportive. I just hope her partners would do the same.

Here are my stats for today.
Blood Pressure: 116/68
Weight: +1 lb. since last week (+10.5 over all)
Slightly < 2 cm dilated
Baby's at -1.5 station (head down)

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