Wednesday, June 30, 2010

two stories... or maybe four

Last night I overheard the following from my kitchen.

Manny: "Elijah, take that cap out of your mouth. I've already asked you 3 times tonight not to put strange objects in your mouth."

Elijah: "Oh, Daddy. I was just trying to lick this."

Manny: "Son, get it out of your mouth now. It's dangerous."

Elijah: "But Daddy..."

Manny: "Elijah, you are being disobedient so I have to give you a spanking."
[muffled sound of 2 swats followed by crying]

Elijah: "Daddy, I forgive you." [more crying]

This morning getting ready for work Elijah and I were in my bathroom when he found my ring, which I had removed while putting on lotion.

Elijah: "What's this mom?"

Me: "That's my wedding ring."

Elijah: "Yeah, it is. What's a wedding ring mean mom?"

Me: "It means you are married."

Elijah: "What's married mom?"

Me: "It means a man and woman promise to be together for their whole lives. And love each other."

Elijah: "What a wedding ring for mom?"

Me: "When you get married you wear your ring to remind you and other people that you are committed to your spouse."

Elijah: "Momma, I'm going to marry you!"

Me: "Honey, that's very sweet and I love you! But I'm already married to Daddy."

Elijah: "No-oooooooo! To me! I really like you Momma."

We have a remote for my parents' garage door opener in our car so that we can get in even when they aren't home. My habit is that I open the door every time we drive up their driveway just because we like to go in through the garage even when they are home. Likewise, I always close the door as we back out of the driveway so my mom doesn't have to worry about it.

So little mister observant pants said to me the other day, "Oh Momma, I recognized something!! When your car drives up the hill at Grandma's house it makes the garage door open. And when your car goes backwards down the hill it makes the garage door close."

There's a Veteran's cemetery on the way to my grandparents' house. When we drive past, Elijah and I always talk about what we see... flowers, gravestones, American flags. And because it's for veterans there are always lots of flags on the headstones. Recently we went by and he remarked "There's the cemetery. That's where you go to get American flags."

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