Tuesday, June 22, 2010

test results

Well, Manny's test results came in rather quickly today. I thought we'd have to wait several days. But the doctor actually called Manny back within a few hours of the procedures.

Turns out the problem is his gallbladder not working properly. According to the doctor, its not gallbladder disease. (Thank the Lord!) But it's just not working to capacity. The situation should be manageable by drastically changing his diet. Basically no fatty foods at all - ever, nothing processed, lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, natural foods, and lean meats. In other words, no junk. Which is really how we all should be eating anyway. It won't be so hard for me because that's how I like to eat. (except for my love affair with chocolate malts, but no one needs to judge) I just bet Manny is going to struggle giving up cereal, pizza, white bread and flour tortillas.

I'm just hugely relieved that a) its not something terrible like cancer, and b) he doesn't need surgery. Because - hello - no health insurance here - can you imagine how much that would cost?

Now I'm just praying this diet stuff helps and that we don't need medicine.

Meanwhile, on the bad news front, Manny's cousin Daniel out in California (a few years older than we are) was just diagnosed with multiple types of cancer. Pancreatic, for one. But it has spread throughout the body and the prognosis is not good. Very sad for his family. So it's a pretty crappy time all around.

The end.

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