Thursday, June 24, 2010

38 week doctor visit

It would be inaccurate to say that since I'm 38 weeks along today I have 2 weeks left in this pregnancy. Oh no. Now that would be super great, but I don't expect this little guy to arrive before his "due" date. On the contrary, I've been preparing myself all along for a 42 week gestation. I figure if I tack 2 weeks on the end I won't be disappointed.

I hate that people rely so heavily upon a date anyway. It creates false hope, makes a momma anxious, and sometimes makes doctors do things that aren't great for little ones (like induce or schedule c-sections before the baby is done "cooking"). After all, I haven't yet met a baby en utero who can read a calendar. I read recently that the man who came up with the 40 week gestation calculator died in the late 1800's and since that time science has shown that the average woman actually carries a baby for 41 and 1/7th weeks. So, I'm ok with going overdue -- in theory.

In practice, however, I'm READY. My body feels ready. Ripe, as they say. I'm starting to think of ways to move things along faster. I know from experience that nothing can truly bring on labor until its time. But I figure I can do my part to make sure it goes fast once it does start. Right?

Anyway, that tangent was brought to you because I went to see Dr. B. today. After checking for progress -- there was none -- she asked if I was counting on having this baby early. I told her not counting on it, but hoping. She said that's what she hoped I would say because she really doubts I will go early. Great.

As far as the doctor visit goes, I'm still doing fine. Here are my stats...
Blood pressure: 128/64
Weight: +0 since last week
Baby's heartrate: 150
Measuring on target
1.5 cm dilated
no effacement yet
baby's at -1.5 station

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