Monday, April 12, 2010

Potty Talk

I know, you're thinking - "What? He's 2 and a half, shouldn't he be potty trained by now?"
And to you I would say, "Yeah, you'd think! But no."

I mean, seriously, you ought to see the fits this kid throws when we sit him on the potty. It's pure and utter rebellion bound up in the heart of a child. It's his last form of control. And by George, he's not willing to let it go. I mean, he screams at the top of his lungs, kicks, cries, arches his back, and acts like we're trying to kill him. No matter what form of reward we try... trains, treats, stickers, m&ms, cookies, popcicles... he cannot be enticed. He simply tells me he doesn't really need a treat.

So yesterday he was getting ready to get in the shower. Manny noticed he was "holding himself" and bending over funny. So he told him he had to go potty, scooped him up, and put him on the little seat. Of course Elijah SCR-EEEEEAMED. But Manny made him sit there and told him it would be fine, etc. And after a few minutes he finally stopped holding it and went. And then we made a HUGE deal over it, gave him m&ms and let him play in the shower. He was very proud of himself, but still was not convinced he wanted to do it again.

So last night we noticed his "signal" that he needed to go #2. (that is: he tells us he wants to play hide-and-seek, and when he hides in the other room, he comes out with dirty pants) So this time, not willing to change a poo diaper, we took his pants totally off of him and told him that if he wanted to go, he had to go in the potty.

A battle of epic proportions ensued. 2 hours worth.

He really had to go. But he was unwilling to go on the potty. He was also unwilling to go all over the floor - thankfully! Neither of us was about to compromise, so I came up with a plan: distraction. So I took him outside (pantsless) and had him help me weed the garden. Who cares about neighbors, we live in the country. I noticed every few minutes he would bend over or put his hands behind his bottom. And I would say, "Elijah if you have to potty, just squat over there and go. It's ok to go outside. It won't hurt you." My logic here is that maybe he's afraid to go anywhere beside his diaper. And going outside is better than going on my carpet. And eventually he did go. After which I had to scoop it up and throw it away. But I think that was just the help he needed. He saw that it would not hurt him. Plus, I think the fact that he held it for so long tells me he's able to be potty trained, just unwilling.

This morning putting him on to try was not nearly as traumatic for either of us. He cried and whined for a few minutes and didn't end up going. But it was much better than before.

So moms out there... I need some advise. I'm SO over changing diapers (until July, that is). I need help getting this kid potty trained before the baby comes. Any suggestions or tips??


Anonymous said...

Try adding food coloring to toilet this way when he goes it will change colors = )

grace said...

when my littles were potty training I just took their pants totally off and whenever there was even a hint of peeing I would rush them to the potty. plus I took them every half hour or so and gave them tons to drink so they would need to pee somethin' fierce.

Jilli said...

Ooh I love Barb's suggestion! Mia wasn't interested until she saw her friend Taylor, a year older than her, use the potty. Then she wanted to be big like Taylor.