Friday, April 9, 2010

Glucose Test, part deux

First of all. UGH.

Sitting in Dr. B's office for 3.5 hours, getting my arm stuck IN THE SAME EXACT SPOT 4 times, and freezing my butt off (because, what a dummy, I didn't figure they'd have the AC turned on) wasn't exactly how I would have wanted to spend half a day.

So yeah, it was painful, boring, boring, and more boring.

Luckily, my cousin Casi showed up when I had about an hour to go (she was there for her 38 week check-up) so I had someone to talk to for a while. Plus, I got in a lot of good reading time - which I hardly ever get to do otherwise.

Turns out the results were good. Praise the Lord!

Not that anyone cares, but the numbers were as follows:
1st draw; 96(after fasting)
2nd draw; 183 (slightly high)
3rd draw; 141
4th draw; 53 (slightly low)

And these are the requirements:
IntervalAbnormal reading
Fasting95 mg/dl or lower
One hour180 mg/dl or lower
Two hours155 mg/dl or lower
Three hours140 mg/dl or lower

All in all, the doc says I pass w/flying colors. So... yay!

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