Monday, February 1, 2010

Papa's got a brand new bag!

After several months (like, 6) without a paycheck, my husband has acquired a brand spanking new job! Praise the Lord for this because I really didn't think I could have gone much longer the way things were. It truly is a gift the way the whole thing worked out - from the referral by a family member, to the amazing favor he found with the interviewers, to the miraculous last-second opening of a position that would suit him perfectly, to the timing, the job hours, etc. - it's obvious God has provided for us in this. I am so grateful! (Plus, he'll finally have benefits!!!)

There are two down-sides: not the best pay in the world, and not much time for the two of us to spend together. However, I an seriously not looking at the down-sides. He'll be working second shift (4-12) after he's finished with training. I like this fact because a) he will have daytimes at home to spend with Elijah and new baby on the days I work, b) on the days I'm off we can have some family time, c) when the new baby comes it will relieve my Mom of childcare duty, and d) he's a late-nighter anyway (like stays up past 2 a.m. most nights).

What it means schedule-wise come July will be this... He'll work 4 pm - midnight, come home, sleep until I leave for work at 7:30, take care of the boys until he leaves for work around 3 pm, drop them off at my Mom's, then she'll have them from 3 - 5:30 when I get off work, I'll have them both from 5:30 until bedtime. There you go, easy peasy. And that's just 2.5 days a week. Otherwise I'll be home all day so he can sleep in and we can spend time doing things as a family. I like it.

He may not like all the added responsibility of being a main caregiver again, but tough cookies mister. Over all I think this is going to be good. I'll keep you posted. He starts this Thursday.


Barbara said...

Shoe~She, i'm so happy for all of you!!! perfect timing

grace said...

ooooh what'd he get a job doing?