Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Project: Ordinary Moments

I've decided I'm starting a new project. I'm calling it "Ordinary Moments".

I stole it from Nie, who had the fun idea to post photos each morning of daily life, shared with a friend in Germany on the site Nie And You. It's just like little tid-bits into her real life. And I think it's fantastic. I had contemplated doing this last year, but didn't have a decent camera until recently. I saw an article where a guy took photos each night at 6:10 pm no matter where he was or what he was doing. It was the idea of capturing his life at that exact time each day. And the project turned out really neat. Only I don't think I'll limit myself to certain hours of the day. Fun happens at all hours of the day or night.

So Groundhog's day seems like a fine time to begin this little experiment.

Oh an the other part is that you're supposed to just make a caption for the photo and then let it speak for itself without a big explanation. Sound fun? Common, you know you wanna do it too.


Baby Blue


Kristen McG said...

I like it!
Have you heard of the photoblog website? It's set up so you can do that very thing. I signed up for it in January, but decided last night that I was REALLY going to do it, starting today.
Great minds think alike, huh??
I'm dying for you to start discussing baby names! Seriously!! =)

grace said...

yum. I'm a fan of piles of frosting.

One day, when I have a fancy camera, I will join you.

Barbara said...

Love the cup cake, did you make it.