Monday, February 1, 2010

17 weeks + 4 days

This little baby boy has been wiggling and rolling around in my tummy like there's no tomorrow! Just over the past couple of days I've started to really be able to feel him moving in there. I'm 17 weeks + 4 days now. It may seem kind of early to recognize quickening, but this time around I know what it feels like so I recognize it more. It's the most precious thing. A little strange at first. But sweet to think how there's a real, tiny, growing little boy in there that we'll get to meet in just a few short months. Oh I wonder if he'll have a lot of hair like his brother, or if he'll have a dimple on his cheek too, or if he'll have my fair skin or his daddy's tan, or who he'll favor most. I'm getting excited to see him for the first time.

I got a cute pair of maternity jeans yesterday for $5.99 at Berlington. Then as I was waiting to check out I noticed two dollars laying on the ground. I asked the people in line near me and no one claimed it, so I put it in my pocket. So in my mind the jeans really cost me $3.99. I love a bargain! I'm wearing them today actually. Not because I have to, but because they are so much more comfortable and don't pinch at the tummy.

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