Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A welcome letter

Dear Second Trimester,

Welcome dear friend! I am so glad to finally see you. So far you have been very good to me. I sincerely wish to express my gratitude for your lack of nausea and vomiting! Oh how happy I was to bid that awful pair adieu. How very very happy!

Now for my requests to you: would you mind terribly if my pants could fit for at least a few more weeks? I do not feel that is too much to ask. After all, we will have plenty of time to spend together in which you will enjoy seeing me in those awesome stretchy maternity clothes. So let's just hold off a bit, shall we?

And while we're on the subject, how about giving me a little break in the boob department? I mean, these babies are getting slightly out of hand. Don't try to act all innocent like it's not your fault. We all know who's to blame here. As if they aren't going to get bigger in the coming months anyway. And don't even get me started on the whole "milk coming in" thing! That's a whole 'nother realm entirely. (Oh, you should have seen me last time that happened. I guarantee I could have put someone's eye out! Woah Momma!)

So, as I welcome you with open arms, I look forward to our time together. You are my favorite one-third of pregnancy after all. No sickies... yay! I can still see my feet... yay again! And before you know it we'll be able to feel this little one kicking and squirming around... my favorite!

xo xo Sarah

P.S. This time around I'll try not to eat so many fudge-pops. But I make no promises about those pickles I crave so much. Don't you love how we can eat like crazy?! I do. :)

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