Wednesday, January 6, 2010


  • It was 7 degrees on the temperature gauge in my car on the way to work this morning. Seven.
  • Why does the public go into a general panic with even the slightest chance of snow in the forecast? Good grief, it's just snow - in winter - in Indiana. Bah!
  • I indulged in half a Dr. Pepper for lunch yesterday with my turkey sandwich and kosher dill pickle.
  • Speaking of pickles... I could eat these little beauties by the case.

Hello, lover.

  • I have renewed my love affair with my red wool coat.
  • Can somebody please tell me how much longer I have to wish people a Happy New Year? I sincerely draw the line with January 3rd.
  • I recently discovered that a little brown shoe polish can, and does, revive my favorite brown shoes and make the leather sparkle like the day they were born. Awesome.
  • I'm officially in the second trimester. Which so far has meant no more throwing up and very little nausea. HOORAY!!
  • I now have 2 pairs of pants that fit while buttoned. They are quickly getting uncomfortable. I hope to put off wearing maternity pants for a little while longer.
  • Last year this time I wrote a New Year's post about some goals. One of them was to get in touch with my long-lost childhood friend Laurie. And guess what. I found her on Sweet, eh? I'm excited!
  • I'm working a half day today. So after noon today I'm off until Monday. :)
  • I hope to clean my house, get caught up on laundry and dishes, and sort through Elijah's room/closet this weekend. Wish me luck!


grace said...

yay! this week we're both hitting pregnancy marks! Happy second trimester! I'm glad the nausea has subsided ^_^

Jilli said...

Girl you just make me laugh. I love your sense of humor. :)

Kristen McG said...

Hurray!! =)
Hope you get your stuff done that you're shooting for...but if not, that's okay too. :) You're never going to look back on these days and wish your kitchen would've been cleaner. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :)

Anonymous said...

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