Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas 2009: Part 2

Okay, okay. I'll finally finish writing about Christmas... because wasn't that like 8 weeks ago already?... so I can move on to bigger and better things. Like 2010. I have a few things to say about it so far. But first things first.

Today I lack any sort of cleverness. So my discription of the events will be cut and dry. I know, bo-oring. Hey, at least I spice things up with a few pictures. Right?

So, the day after Christmas we went to my Dad's parent's home for the BIG family shindig. And by big, I refer to the 61 people who were present (and that's missing a handful who couldn't make it). We chatted, ate, hugged, laughed, exchanged gifts, played a funny game, reunited with long-lost family members**, and caught up on all the happenings. That about sums it up. The rest I will tell by way of photos.

Here are my parents with my adopted sister Chyna and her baby Brilen (4.5 months old). **We hadn't seen her since she was 15 (by her choice, not ours). This was the first time any of us met the baby. My parents and grandparents were in tears.
Brilen with GG.

Our little part of the clan.
back: Matt (Chyna's boyfriend), Dad, Jacob, Manny
front: Chyna, Mom, Ragon, Brilen, Me, Elijah

Family of three.

60 of the 61... somebody had to take the picture. :)

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grace said...

wow! I remember you blogging about finding out chyna being pregnant, it's really exciting to know that you guys got to see her!