Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Stead

In stead of posting Christmas: part 2... because I'm too lazy and have too little time... I will write about something which always takes me for interesting twists and turns. My sweet little Elijah.

Over the past several days he has been spanked (oh, don't even. spare the rod, spoil the child.) a handful of times for ingesting and/or attempting to ingest the following items:
- toilet paper
- toothpaste (not at teeth brushing time)
- bar soap (why??)
- Kleenex
- deodorant, like 3 times.
- Astroglide (omg, don't even ASK how he acquired it!)
- Bath & Body Works body cream
- shampoo
- paper, paper, and more paper in various forms
- other things but I can't recall them all right now

I don't know about him. But I think he might be part goat.

Also, happy New Year. Evansville is celebrating this weekend with 18 (and lower) degree temperatures. And I, with a house lacking insulation, am spending it in the comfort of my Mom's lovely heated home. So glad they live close by!

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Jilli said...

Oh Sarah! You crack me up!!!!