Monday, December 7, 2009

grace enough for today

The Lord has graciously granted me more than 36 hours without the urge to throw up. For this I am beyond thankful. Though it must sound strange to those not in my situation, I have come to recognize God's constant sustaining hand on me. Each morning I wake up and pray, Lord if you could just help me get through the next hour. And then the next. And my whole day goes like that. So at the end of it I think to myself that I could not have made it without His grace upon grace.

Then there are the very rare days like yesterday when I felt no sickness at all (except some sinus pressure/head cold stuff). So before I went to sleep last night I prayed a fervent prayer of thanksgiving; for what a blessing it is to feel well and have the ability to eat something other than toast and crackers. Maybe the Lord allows sickness so that we are more grateful for our healthy days. Or maybe to learn that our every breath and heartbeat is ordained by Him alone. Or probably its both. Yes, I'm quite sure.

All I can say is, sinus issues or not, I'm happy that today seems to be a good day. And I know from where my good days come. Hallelujah.

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