Friday, December 4, 2009

First Ultrasound

Went to the doctor this morning for the baby's first ultrasound. I so much wish Manny would have been with me, but he said he didn't feel well so he stayed home.

I got to see my tiny little 6.5 centimeter-long baby kick and wiggle and wave his/her tiny arms around. It was glorious! Just the pick-me-up I needed to get through another week of intense nausea.

The baby is 9 weeks, 1 day old. 6.5 cm long. With a heartrate of 185. (I can't remember which she said.) She did comment that the heartrate was fast - not that it's a problem. She also kept commenting that "he" is very active. I really was surprised to see "him" moving around so much. I guess I correlate movement with quickening, but really it happens much earlier in the pregnancy than you can detect - obviously. So neat!

She prescribed me an anti-nausea medicine, which I was hesitant to take at first, but then decided to try (I AM SO DESPERATE TO GET RID OF THIS QUEASY FEELING!). It worked. Because I didn't feel sick. But then again, I didn't feel anything because it knocked me out cold. I was dead to the world. Thankfully I was at my mom's house when I took it and my sister was there to play with Elijah. And to top off the regular pregnancy sickness, I feel like I also have a hint of the flu. Or maybe it's just a severe head cold. I have drainage which only adds to the yuckiness.

So there's the latest. 9.1 weeks and still as sick as before (or worse!).

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