Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For supper last night I made Elijah a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... per his request, with grape jelly, NOT strawberry. I cut it into quarters diagonally just the way he likes, gave it to him at the table, then returned to the kitchen to put away the stuff. What I heard coming from the dining room made me chuckle for a long time. He always talks to himself, his toys, his food, or his imaginary whatever. It doesn't matter what he's doing he just babbles. So I kind of tune it out sometimes. So this is what caught my attention.

Elijah: "pee-bee-buh-tuh n jelly, I love you. Milk, I love you. Mommy, I love jelly. Gape gape gape jelly! Ummm... yummy! Day-li-see-oh-soooo. Delicioso! Like Dora say."

My husband came home yesterday with a bouquet of giant orange gerber daisys for me. I asked him what the occasion was. He said he was thinking about me. I asked him what he thought about me. He said he thought that I like flowers. He's funny, but definately won some wifey points with that one. :)
This morning I heard my sweet little boy in his bed starting to stir. I went in to find him so tangled up in his blankets he might have never escaped. A little assistance was in order. I gently started to unwrap his legs and when he opened his eyes and gave me a huge sleepy-faced grin. He said, "Moooommmy. I am sleeping wif Diego n Doodles."

I rubbed his tummy and said, "Good morning sleepy head. You seem happy this morning. Why are you so smiley?"

He gave me a squinty chuckle and said "Sha-sha's (Elijah) dreamin."
"Oh, it must have been a nice dream. What did you dream about last night?"
"Dreamin 'bout twactos n dampa n weed-eat-ees. N dampa mowin' leaves. Lots n lots n lots of leaves wif the twacto. Soft leaves. Really really soft leaves."

This morning Elijah was watching Dora in the back of the office. I went back to check on him to find him sitting in a chair with sunglasses on -- upside down and crooked.


We have been playing an imagination game lately. We talk about Elijah's trains and make up stories. The past several nights, in stead of singing him to sleep he requests that I "talk 'bout Thomas n Percy on the Island of Sodor". Which I gladly do. I usually make up stories about how they save the day, help other engines, or do a really great job on the branch line for Sir Toppem Hat. He loves it!

A few mornings ago he woke up way too early so I let him lay in my bed with me. To occupy his mind (and keep him from wiggling too much) I asked him to tell me about Thomas. And it was so cute to hear him use his imagination and make up a story.

"One day... um, let's see... Thomas n Percy get the coal car in da Island Sodor. Thomas say 'oh no, my friend Lady!' Thomas help Lady. Um, let's see... Thomas hab coaches. umm... The End."

I find it absolutely amazing that he's able to use his imagination so much at his age!

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Dreamer4agift said...

LOL, I love your stories about Elijah. He's such a doll baby.

& good way to work the points Manny!!