Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Eating to avoid throwing up makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever! But, I have discovered that the only way to keep myself from wanting to hover over the toilet is to continually shove food into my mouth. I hate that this is the only solution I can find for three reasons.
1) Because the mere thought of food nearly sends me into convulsions.
2) Because eating every 5 minutes is going to end up making me fat(er).
3) I can't manage to find that much food I can stand to look at, so the things I can stomach are getting old real fast. (Yesterday I ate an entire sleeve of crackers.)

Right now I'm craving PF Chang. But stupid Evansville doesn't have one. I could also go for a big bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream, a stromboli, and a Dr. Pepper.

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