Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Side Effects May Include Drowsiness

I could seriously go to bed by 8:30.

  • Exhaustion
  • Frequent urination (TMI? yes.)
The problem with this combination of symptoms is obvious isn't it? You're so tired you could die. Yet, you "wake up" twice during the night to pee. I use the words "wake up" loosely because I sometimes find myself back in bed and unsure how I actually walked there and covered myself back up.
Also a bad symptom combination?
  • Ravenous hunger
  • Nausea

I am not a fan of that.

Additionally, last night I was acting silly and doing a little bootie shaking in front of my husband. (Maybe the pregnancy is taking some of my brain cells too?) He says to me in the most grave tone "Don't do that! Haven't you heard of shaken baby syndrome?" And I'm like, "Really I think its fine. That's only after the baby is born." And he says "Well, you better not. Just to make sure.

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