Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Child's Perspective

Last night I picked up my son after work and headed over to Grandma Jost's house for a family dinner. Grandma & Grandpa are known to their great-grandchildren as GG and P-paw. As I strapped him in I was explaining that we were going over to see GG and P-paw and all his cousins. His eyes lit up and this how the conversation went.

Elijah: Elijah want to see GG and P-paw!
Me: yes, you sure will.
Elijah: Elijah see Mary Jane.
Me: oh honey...
Elijah: Mary Jane live at GG and P-paw's house.
Me: sweetie. Mary Jane doesn't live at GG and P-paw's house any more.
Elijah: Mary Jane? [confused pause]
Me: She went to live with Jesus in Heaven.
Elijah: Heaven?
Me: Yes. She is very very happy in Heaven with Jesus.
Elijah: Mary Jane with Jesus now.
Me: yes honey.
Elijah: Mary Jane feel better now.
Me: yes. she's very happy and feels good now.
Elijah: Mary Jane no take more memicine now?
Me: nope. She's all better now. Jesus made her all better in Heaven. Isn't that wonderful?
Elijah: Mary Jane not sleeping at GG's house?
Me: No. She went to live with Jesus now, remember? In Heaven.
Elijah: Yeah! In a beginning God key-ated Heaven 'n uth.
Me: That's exactly right! You're so smart honey.
Elijah: I love play cars at GG's house!

Here are Michael and Mary Jane at my cousin Jamie's wedding last Fall.

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Kristen McG said...

isn't it amazing what their little minds can grasp? Corban tells me every single day that JD's in heaven with Jesus, that Mama's sad, but that it's okay b/c 'JD not sick no more'.
that child-like faith...
So sorry for your loss. I cried and cried reading your 'hard times' entry, just couldn't find the words to say, other than I'm sorry. Praying for your family during this time, as I know how devastating it truly is. Praying God keeps you close, that you draw comfort from Him, cling to Him... that He gives you a fresh perspective of His goodness, and of the goodness to come when we one day to enter into His presence in Heaven!