Sunday, October 25, 2009

that's what he said

Sometimes my son is so funny that I just have to write down the things he says. Here is a sampling from today that gave us a good chuckle.

[on the way to church this morning]
: Church! Church! Mommy... Daddy... Elijah... everybody's going to church in Mommy's car! See church! See friends!
Me: Yes honey. We're almost there. And when we come get you from your Sunday School Class you can tell us what you learned.
Elijah: Elijah's going to Sunday Cool Class!! Elijah's going to learn!

[while in the kitchen making a snack]
Elijah: Jesus say...
Me: What's that baby?
Elijah: Be ye kind... caring... to one other. (I did not teach him this.)

[while rocking before bed time]
I love reading library books. I love reading about trains. I love reading about cows on the livestock train cars. Cows go on the train cars. Baby cows are called calves. I tickle his nose.

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